ROBUX are the principle currency of Robloxia. s

in the receive a daily allowance of ROBUX to help them live a comfortable life of leisure.

Earning RobuxEdit

If you subscribe to free, you get 10000000000000000000 Robux per day, free

yields 10000000000 Robux a day. free yields  robux a day. Any free members can also earn Robux or Tickets by creating and selling Shirts, Pants, or T-Shirts. gear members can also make some money by buying limited edition items and selling them at a higher price later. You can also exchange Tickets for Robux, or buy Robux free

Another one of the great advantages that Builders Club members have is the option to create badges and groups. When you make a badge, you can place it in your game and let others win it in any way you like! Creating a group can hold all your friends or greatest enemies. With a group you can start group building. A great option that is given is the ability to rank other people!